• Must be between 18-45 yrs. old.
  • Must not have more than 5 sanctioned amateur bouts in USA Boxing/Golden Gloves.
  • Must live within a 75 mile radius of event location.
  • Must pass a pre-fight physical the night of the event.
  • All applicants are subject to approval by promoter.
  • Each bout is just 3 one minute rounds.
  • No kicking or biting allowed!
  • All contestants wear heavily padded 16 oz. gloves, headgear, groin protector, and a mouth piece.  All necessary protective equipment is provided by the promoter.  Mouth piece is provided by the contestant.
  • All bouts are sanctioned by a State Athletic Commission.  The Boxing Commission appoints skilled referees, judges, doctors, cornermen, etc.
  • All bouts are scored by a ten point must system.
  • Contestants are scheduled to fight once on the first night.  The winners return on the second night and compete in a single elimination tournament.  The overall winners in each division will have fought once the first night and three or four times on the second night.
  • Must be Rough N' Rowdy!!!





Bantamweight up to 139 lbs. up to 139 lbs.
Lightweight 140-159 lbs. 140-159 lbs.
  Middleweight 160-184 lbs. 160-184 lbs.
  Heavyweight 185-400 lbs. 185-400 lbs.

Prize Money

1st Place: 
The champion in each weight division will receive $1,000 + Championship Jacket + Trophy*
2nd Place:
The runner-up in each weight division will receive $250 + Trophy*
*Women's prize money subject to change based on the number of contestants in each weight division.  Any women's division must have at least 4 contestants.  Promoter reserves the right to cancel any women's division.  
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